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September 15, 2005
First time Bisexual Experience.
Filed under: From Christie Cocks, Masturbation — Babe Christie Cocks @ 6:03 pm

That is the topic for the newest smut story and you can find it over at my other blog Christie’s Lesbians!
It’s been a busy few weeks and im just now getting around to updating my blogs. It’s alot easier to post pics than it is to post actual posts, that is for sure. but i miss you guys so much!! So glad of my surfers. Had some major power outages first of the week here in good ole LA, but all in all the servers came back up with out a hitch! Yippie!
Weekend is here finally, well few more hours i guess, maybe i am just pushing it a wee bit, but thank GOD its almost FRIDAY!!!!!! Paaaaaaaaaartayyyy!!

Carli in red lingerie fucking herself with a glass dildo! Hot!!

Hot girl sucking a glass dildo n fucking herself with it!Mmm yummy!

Lesbian Gallery - This one Sizzles!

Carli & Rene in a blue chair, awesome video of lesbian licking!
Two hot looking girls’ gallery & vid’s!

September 8, 2005
Masturbation Tips for Guys & Dolls!
Filed under: From Christie Cocks, Masturbation, Just Fucking Around — Babe Christie Cocks @ 6:53 am

Here is a site for some great masturbating tips, toys and you name it! All about self pleasure, be sure to check it out….
Masturbation Tips
And if you need some wankin materials, you can check out :
All Nudes
Shaved Pussy Blog
and ANY of the other hot links listed on the right!

August 3, 2005
Masturbating in the afternoon…again! lol
Filed under: Masturbation — Babe Christie Cocks @ 9:12 pm

Now, for my naughtier side ;)
Well, you read about the bedding right? So, you might guess that I spent a good bit of time in my bedroom t’day before I got everything all situated and of course afterwards, I do have my xbox in there and me and Beau were chillin’ later on…BUT before I started doing all that, hanging the hooks for the fabric etc, I decided that I needed a lil Christie time.
I had planned on fucking myself silly last night after I had that naughty chat in the chatroom, but, family had other plans for me tonight. I just LOVE it when they call, when I’m about to pleasure myself.
Needless to say, I was completely wound up this afternoon.
My friend Mariah called me and we had a little conversation about our sexual adventures earlier this week. She was a little embarrassed about how she was with me, I was like OMG, don’t worry about it! I asked her if she enjoyed it and she giggled and was like YES and was going on and on about it as though some huge boulder had been lifted off her shoulders. :)
We didn’t say much more about future adventures, but we did tease a bit about doing it again and having a threesome, just jokingly of course. Don’t want to give her too much shock to her system! LOL
After I got back with my things from the store, I happened to notice my vibe and picked it up and started licking it. I could almost taste her sweet pussy on it. Of course, I was wet. If you only believed ONE thing on this blog, then you should believe that it does NOT take much for dear Christie to get WET!
I tore off the shorts and tossed off the panties and slipped that dildo in my pussy and used my favorite little vibe on my clit. Thought about how she left me lick her tits and her pussy and how shy she was about it at first. But boy can she lick! She made me cum so many times. I drenched her face with my pussy juices. ( could make you drown!)
It wasn’t long after that, after thinking about her hot cunt on my face that I was exploding into an orgasm. Good thing too, cuz the damn fone rang again! I tell ya, I think I betta start disconnecting or turning off the ringer when it’s time for me to get “down to business”. hehe
Christie 15


August 2, 2005
Bored Girls means Naughty fun!
Filed under: Masturbation, Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 3:53 pm

Ever get bored at night? I know I do - and it don’t have to be at night. I started working for a company on the computer. I won’t say what company it is, but now I don’t have to dance for a living and can make a decent amount of money. I must say tho, that I get really horny when talking to these men online.
Just yesterday, I was working and in the middle of the afternoon, I asked my friend Mariah if she wanted to go play. Well she was all for that!
Now, as I had said, I got some hot new sex toys and I couldn’t resist using them on her. She is so hot and sexy too. Laying on my bed, just eager for my touch. I stripped her clothes off and started nibbling on her clit and took my brand spankin new dildo and slipped it in her pussy while I licked her clit.
She is definitly a moaner and I really like to know I am doing something right. I’m pretty vocal too in the bedroom and she was more than eager to please me.
Her breasts are very nice and perky too. I got the chance to take some pics of her, once we get a friend here to take some pics of us BOTH, I will have to post those, but what do you think? She lives close by, so I’m sure that we are going to have some more wild times. Mmmm

July 3, 2005
Gas and Orgasms
Filed under: Masturbation — Babe Christie Cocks @ 12:51 pm

LOL, whacky title for a post huh? :) Well, I had a comment on the last post and here is my thoughts on the following.
This is Quoted from Peter and I’m going to tear it apart. :) with answers..well MY answers.

{oh and in answering the original question of the thread. this is nonsexual i guess but why do girls vehemently deny ever farting? a bunch of girls i talk to say they would die if they ever farted. and why do girls go to the bathroom so often and what exactly do they do there? it is actually a theory of mine that girls go there to fart because let’s face it, everybody farts.}

Personally, I don’t deny that I have done it. I’ve never really been asked by a guy though, if I do fart. I will go out of my way to go to the bathroom though and do it, especially if I’m with a guy I like, or even a female friend, that I don’t know all that well..I personally would have to be with someone for a while before I would fart in front of them…Matter of fact, I’ve had an old boyfriend who used to - first thing in the morning, go to the bathroom, turn on the exhaust fan and let er rip..yea i heard it and silently laughed my ass off!..but didnt dare breathe a word about it at the time, since he obviously wanted to avoid embarrassment.

I don’t think that is why all girls go to the bathroom “so often” though. Personally, I have been known to go in and check my hair, if I feel there might be something out of place. Taking extra time as though I had to actually go..PLUS long enough time to “wash my hands” lol. Sometimes we go alot to fix our make up, or if its a couple girls, you might as well plan on having half of your night out with your girlfriend and HER friend..spent alone, because that is probably the scenario. Chances are, we’re talking about our man…especially if he farts in which point, he may find himself completely alone with a “Dear John” on his answering machine waiting on him when he and his stinky arse get home. haha

{but getting back to sexual stuff, i guess a question of mine would be what girls think about during sex. and another question would be why do girls fake orgasms, and how to spot it if theyre faking. so many friends of mine have said they have faked orgasms numerous times with their partners. what i never got out of them is why they felt like they needed to do that and how to tell if theyre faking. this brings to memory that scene from when harry met sally if you ever saw that movie. i guess i was lucky with my ex in being able to tell that she actually orgasmed because her area would pulsate whenever she had an orgasm. maybe it helped that i was a trooper and if she was taking longer then normal i would still keep at it until she succumbed to that beautiful wide open mouth moan that i would love seeing. anywho enough about me, what does christy have to say about this? }

I’m afraid I haven’t seen the whole movie When Harry Met Sally ( I have seen sleepless & u’ve got mail). I have been known to fake an orgasm or two and he was none the wiser. I’ve gotten quite good at it actually (used to do phonesex! hehe). Sometimes, well, for me.. I just want to fuck and get it over with. Not all women like to take 2 and 3 hours at each and every sex session and if I can get my man off a little quicker and get the other things done that I need to do, then I’ll do every trick in the book to get him off and get on with things. That might sound horrible, but I’m sure that no men have ever just - wanted to fuck.

I think that if a female fakes an orgasm for her man, to me, must feel alot for him - and is maybe afraid to say what she really wants in bed…or it could be like me and well, still the same may apply as well. If he wants to have sex and I really don’t want to, but I do just for him..that has to say something right? Well, not necessarily in a bad way either.

I think a man would feel worse if he was made to believe he was a lousy fuck..then if the girl leaves him to feel that way ( that he is), then I would either try to talk about it - see what she really wants..or seek a new partner…ALTOGETHER.

As far as what we’re thinking? Well, I can only speak for myself. I occasionally, if I’m having troubles getting off, will think about my favorite porn or ask him to stimulate my clit while I suck his cock. LOL That always works for me ;) If I’m totally into a man I might, if not focusing on cumming, look at him in adoration and notice every precious thing about him. (that’s probably where those steamy bedroom eyes come into play).

As far as telling whether or not she is faking it - well that might be a bit difficult. Especially if she is good at it. I’ve been asked “is it live or memorex” before … He couldn’t tell and I wasn’t about to. HOWEVER things you could look out for IF you have been with the same partner for a period of time is:

1. Louder than normal moaning.
2. Over-exaggerated facial expressions.
3. Alot of really explicit talk, that might have normally not happened before.

This is just from my personal experiences, so that doesn’t hold true for all females, of course.

PS-This is fun..ask me more! lol “Dear Christie”

July 1, 2005
Masturbation and Sex Questions
Filed under: Masturbation — Babe Christie Cocks @ 12:25 pm

So what else is there that us females don’t talk about that maybe you might be interested in knowing about? I responded to a comment on my previous post from a reader. I wouldn’t mind having some fun and raising some….”eyebrows” hehe.
I guess you can probably imagine that I am a pretty open minded girl. There is alot of things that interest me, I just never got to try out…yet. Fantasies are a very healthy thing I think. As long as it’s good for you and stimulates your mind as well as your senses.
Some of the dreams I have are so wicked I don’t even know if I should dabble into that sort of conversation. I sometimes wonder where I get these ideas from. Being from a small town really does a girl in lol

June 30, 2005
Masturbating and Sex Toys
Filed under: Masturbation — Babe Christie Cocks @ 7:20 pm

I wonder, do all men like to watch their girlfriends playing with their pussies? I used to date a guy that would absolutely beg me to get my toys out. I don’t have many sex toys, but I do have this one that has a rotating shaft and a rabbit attached to it. Tiny metal balls that surround the bottom of the shaft that just move all around as the top half of the shaft rotates. It’s absolutely awesome. And does things for me that no man can do..unless you got a cock that rotates 360 degree’s - don’t even try to compair.. hehe

Anyways, he would have me lay down on my bed and get my toys out and before he left me play he would massage my clit and get me nice n wet and then he would start using the dildo on me sliding it in and out of my shaved lil pussy. Then he would place my hand on the dildo and stand back and have me fuck my pussy nice n slow for him while he stroked his cock. He would get a raging hard-on watching me. Of course the feind that I am, would of course be begging me to let me suck it. I don’t know what it is about sucking a cock, but damn does it get me wet!

Okay, so I decided to check out some porn sites that I think that you might be interested in, if something like this drives you mad.

This first one that I came across is called Solo Girls

Inside you’ll find thousands of hours of custom filmed mastuabation video entertainment. You’ll enjoy watching sexy young girls stroke and pleasure themselves to creamy, earth-shattering orgasms, again and again! Its totally hot because you know this is what your girlfriend does to herself when you’re not home! Get a fascinating, inside look at the world of female masturbation!

If this excites you, then Click here.

They have quite a selection of women of all races and looks, slender, busty, big round asses and more. If you go take the free tour you can view their trailors and get quite a nice look at them masturbating and showing you hells of pink! Want to see the pink getting pumped? Cum inside to see it..

Christie Cocks Masturbating pic

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