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July 19, 2005
Added the rest to my erotic story
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 5:47 pm

Hey! I am sooooooooo sorry it’s been a while since I have written, I did want to let you all know that I did add the rest to that story. :)
I hope that you enjoy it and forgive me for being such a NAUGHTY girl ;) Maybe a good spanking is in order. Any takers?
I promise I will be back full force soon, I have really been trying to get some projects off the ground and had to take a break to say hellooooooo~

July 15, 2005
First time Bisexual Experience
Filed under: My Erotic Stories — Babe Christie Cocks @ 7:14 am

She had luxurious blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Tits perky and an ass many women
would be envious of. When she walks into a room Cheri was the center of attention.
Dressed in a black catsuit and stilleto heels she entered the Tavern with only one thing on her mind.
Looking hot as ever, she walked up to the bartender and asked for a drink.

Gathering up her change and her bottle of beer, she walked over to one of the
booths at a far corner of the room. She sat down and began looking around at all the people in the place.
It was packed for a Thursday night. She noticed a girl leaning against the wall, awaiting her turn to shoot pool.

This girl was hot. Jet black hair and piercing blue eyes. Well built with curves in
all the right places. The girl walked over to the pool table slowely, studying
the balls that we’re left to be shot. Leaning over nice and slow, she positioned her
cue stick and attempted a trick shot, which ended up going nowhere she wished it had.
The girl walked over to a table nearby and picked up an empty glass and headed to the bar.

Cheri studied her every move. Watching the sexy girl’s ass sway in her tight indigo blue-jeans.
Cheri lit up a cigarette in anticipation. She placed an add in the local paper’s dating guide.
“Searching for bicurious female to have a fling with.” was the subject line. Living in a small
sort of town, there wasn’t many replies, but there was a few that tempted her, but the one that
did the trick belonged to the hot steamy girl on her way to the bar.

As the dark haired girl placed her drink order for her and her friends, she turned to look
around and check out the customers, casting her eyes in Cheri’s direction, noticing the
beautiful blonde sitting all alone.

“That has to be Cheri” she thought to herself. She gathered her drinks and returned them
to her friends. She walked back up to the bar to collect her change from the bartender.
She began to walked towards Cheri. When she got to Cheri’s table she extended her hand
and introduced herself. “Hello, my name is Amanda. I answered your add?” the girl said.

“Well, hello. I was wondering if perhaps you might have chickened out.
I see you are with friends.” Cheri said to her.
“Oh, well that is just for safety precautions I guess. Actually moral support, because
I didn’t think anyone would show up. Well, it’s really nice to meet you and I must say your picture
did not do you justice. You are quite the hottie.” Amanda said, feeling her face become flush.

“So, what do we do now? Do we sit here and get to know each other a bit?” Cheri asked.
“Well, that sounds fine to me. Let me go tell my friends that I will catch up to them later on,
okay?” With that Amanda turned and headed towards her small group of friends.
Cheri noticed how they sort of pretended not to look in her direction. How embarrassed she felt.

Amanda came back over to Cheri’s table and sat down and the two began to chat like old
friends getting caught up on all the latest. The time just flew by that night as the bartender
shouted out last call, there was only about 6 people left in the bar.

The two women finished up their drinks and agreed to go to Cheri’s apartment and
continue their conversation. Cheri went to the bar and purchased a 6 pack and they headed out the door.
Amanda decided to leave her car at the bar as Cheri only lived about 2 blocks away.

The night air was cool and the moon was full so they just strolled thru the
midnight hour to Cheri’s. The two girls talked about past boyfriends and
how this was a new experience for them both.

The got to Cheri’s apartment and went inside and sat down on the sofa.
Cheri began to remove her shoes and grabbed a beer from the 6 pack and offered it to Amanda.
Amanda took the beer and lit up a cigarette as she looked around Cheri’s lovely apartment.
Cheri flipped on the television and turned out the lights. The two girls sat in the dimly lit room
and talked about their own personal desires. The conversation got quite hot and Cheri
could feel herself tingling between the thighs as Amanda talked about how she always
wanted to lick a girls pussy. Amanda leaned over to place her beer on the table and
slowely moved towards Cheri and began to lick down the side of her neck.

Amanda’s tongue sent chills down thru Cheri’s spine as she moaned softly to the feel of Amanda’s hands on her shirt. The girl started to lift Cheri’s top up over her head. Cheri sat there with her black lacey bra on and her 36DD tits were just aching to get out. Cheri reached behind her back and undone her bra, letting it fall to her lap as Amanda took one of her tits in her hands and began sucking on the nipple, getting it nice and hard.

Cheri began to undo Amanda’s jeans and slid her hand down inside her panties. She could feel hot and steamy wetness inside Amanda’s pussy lips. Amanda began to moan as she sucked on Cheri’s huge tits. Cheri slid two fingers between Amanda’s wet lips and slid them inside her cunt and slowely fingered fucked her pussy.

Amanda stood up and undone her jeans and pulled them down over her sexy ass and let them fall around her ankles. She turned around and began to slip down her panties bending over at the waste and slowely pushed them down to her ankles backing up one step so she was directly infront of Cheri, sitting on the sofa. Cheri slid her fingers inside Amanda’s cunt and leaned foreward and started licking her tight asshole. Amanda placed her hands on the coffee table infront of her and stood in that position as Cheri fingered her wet hole.
“Ohhh Cheri lick my clit baby.” she moaned out.

Cheri grabbed ahold of Amanda’s hips and fingered her pussy faster and faster. Amanda stood up right and went over and laid down on the couch beside Cheri, spreading her legs open wide as Cheri got up on her knees on the couch. Spreading her legs wider and wider Cheri buried her face in Amanda’s cunt. Sliding three fingers in her pussy she began to suck and lick on Amanda’s clit as Amanda grinded her pussy up onto Cheri’s face.
Moaning louder and louder as Cheri sent her into a rush of orgasms.

Amanda sat up and told Cheri to lay down on the sofa. Cheri stood up and removed her own jeans and panties and laid down on the couch. Amanda spread open Cheri’s legs nice and wide and began to explore her pussy with her tongue. Sliding her tongue inside Cheri’s cunt licking the juices. Cheri was soaking wet. She began massaging Cheri’s clit nice and slow as Cheri grabbed her own nipples and twisted and pulled on them.

Amanda reached into her purse and grabbed a vibrator and slid it inside Cheri’s pussy. Turning the steel shaft on high as Cheri moaned louder and louder. Fucking her pussy faster and harder..She took out the steel rod and slid it slowely inside Cheri’s tight ass. Positioning the steel vibrator in her ass, she began fingering Cheri again and sucking on her clit. Cheri was moaning louder and louder, pulling harder on her tits.

Bucking and thrashing and grinding her pussy into Amanda’s face. She screamed out as she cum so fucking hard. Her juices flowed from her cunt like a river and Amanda quickly got down and licked and lapped at the juices flowing out of her cunt. “Mmmmm baby, you taste so fucking sweet.”

Amanda looked at Cheri who was completely spent. Her legs spread still but limp as she slowely groped her own tits. She had a big smile on her face. “Oh my god Amanda that was fucking fantastic. I never had my pussy eaten like that before baby. Ohh fuck yesss..” she said as she whimpered in delight.

Getting dressed, Amanda told Cheri how she would like to get together again. Maybe meet at the bar and have some drinks, perhaps go to the movies. Maybe she would like to join her and her friends this weekend at the club and go dancing.

That all sounded fine to Cheri and she told Amanda that, but she didn’t know whether or not her husband would be home this weekend or not. “Well, whatever you decide. You can call me and let me know. If my husband answers, just ask for me.” With that Amanda walked out the door. Leaving Cheri in anticipation of their next get together.

Hey, Hello!
Filed under: Just Fucking Around — Babe Christie Cocks @ 7:08 am

Sorry I hadn’t posted anything for the last few days. I have been so busy and I just haven’t had time to do anything FUN. (like talk to you all and update this blog of mine). I have been checking out peavey equipment. lol I know sounds like fun huh. lol Have narrowed things down a little bit though. Still have so much to do, but I’ll leave that go til Monday, in regards to the music arena.
Do you ebay? Lemme tell you I never tried that before til this week and it’s down right addicting! (not nearly as addicting to my dildo though hehe)..but I would compare bidding to playing Cherry Masters. I think some of them are real slick though. I wound up paying almost as much on shipping as i did for actual cd’s off one buyer.

Enough about that though!

July 12, 2005
Man mauled by b.j. queens spiked collar. News at 11.
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 9:07 pm

Not just doing the adult stuff that you all love ya know ;)
I have been searching high and low for some get this - karaoke equipment and I found some! I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but I figure party at Christies sounds good!

Thought about trying my hand at some mixing too. I am real big into music and believe it or not I can actually sing a tune or two. I love music and dancing and just listening to it and I could listen to ANYTHING.
Got my dog a new collar. He looks so tuff now with a spiked collar. Least now if he decides to be a bad little boy he wont get his throat torn apart by the other bad dogs around here :)

I wouldn’t mind getting myself a spiked collar, but what happens if a guy accidentally gets all excited and pumps a little TOO hard in my mouth and slips out…. ouch! lol silly thought i know, but u might have cringed! hehe

Be sure to visit these QUALITY adult sites. Then send me traffic, lets send some to them!
As Red As - Daily Links
Adult Blog Directory
Adult Blog Index
Shaved Pussy

Well, on a lighter side….
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 8:55 pm

I’m working on installing it..and while i was waiting for my SQL database to be all ready to roll, i found out one of my sponsors has 5 brand spanking new pay sites. So, go check out these babies if u wanna and be one of the first ones to step inside!! (well one is so new they dont even have banners for it yet, but i got a link ; 0!!
Here goes..normally I don’t do this sort of thing on my MAIN blog like this, but I’m hyped being an adult webMISTRESS and all!! I like that “mistress” has a nice sound to it eh? ;)


Alright, guilt got the better of me, I’ll include a pic too :)

Christie 12

Man what a bummer!
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 8:21 pm

My chatroom aint workin :( Now i guess im gonna have to uninstall it and reinstall it. ugh. Gonna do that now. Always something!

Added the rest to my erotic story
Filed under: Just Fucking Around — Babe Christie Cocks @ 5:20 pm

Hope that you enjoyed it ;) Feedback always well-cummed! (psst..its in the My Erotic Stories section)

July 11, 2005
Might I Recommend?
Filed under: Just Fucking Around — Babe Christie Cocks @ 11:44 am

If you are looking for some other great places to go check out that update regularly like I do here..and sometimes even more(!)..then go check these places out ;)
They have loads to offer, so be sure to bookmark me and all my friends!!

Freshly updated daily porn pics of babes n boobs n more can all be found at :

Bad Girls Blog
Uber Bitch Naomi
Shaved Pussy Blog
As Red As
Flesh Bot
Sinful 18
Uniform Girls
Babes And Toys
Bods For The Mods

Their in no particular order at all, just come highly recommended! ;)
DO NOT SPAM MY BLOG! If You do, you will your ISP will be blocked! Your post edited, you will be wasting your time! Grrr I’ve had 10 people spam it and im getting aggravated.

The Date
Filed under: My Erotic Stories — Babe Christie Cocks @ 8:27 am

We made plans to go out Wednesday evening. You had made reservations at this quaint little italian
restaurant. I decided to, that day, go and make a purchase of a hot little number, something to get you
turned on beyond belief.

I chose a mid thigh length velvet dress. It was burgundy and had a sexy little slit up the back and a plunging
neck-line. Of course, I needed some sexy undies and a lacey new bra. I found a sexy pair of silk panties that
were black and had burgundy roses with hunter green leaves..I also came across a lacey bra..c thru, with burgundy
roses. it was the push up style, which would show off my perky 36C tits.

I got home and took a long hot bubble bath..slowely washing every inch of my body with the vanilla scented bath soaps. of course, i had to shave my kitty and make her nice and smooth, becuz i knew..tonight was going to be the night…you had never seen me quite THIS way before..and i was going to take u for the ride of your life ;)
Time was running out on me..and it was time to get dressed up for you. i slowely slipped on my sexy new panties and then i took out my best pair of black stockings and pulled them up over my long smooooth silky legs.

I then carefully positioned my tits in my new lacey bra..taking extra care to have a bit extra cleavage, to show
off in my new little dress.

Finally dressed and ready to go, I met you at the restaurant, we ate, had some drinks and decided to go dancing at the club down town. we get to the club and order our drinks. we sat and talked for the longest time. i begged and pleaded with you to dance with me, but you wouldn’t dance. So we sat there watching others out on the dance floor, when suddenly a man approached me and asked if i would like to dance. i looked at you and you nodded..

So off to the floor we went. the song was slow…and after we were done, the man asked me if he could buy me a drink. I looked back to our table and you were gone. assuming you went to the bathroom, I accepted, but told him i had to return to you..

When I got back to the table, you were sitting there, looking a bit perturbed..but i had a few TOO many drinks
at that point..and leaned over to you and started to run my hand up and down your thigh..very slowely as i
gazed into your eyes..i whispered in your ear..”do i do that to you?”..

You asked me what i was talking about..

I began to tell you how the man was holding me close that i could feel his cock getting hard against me.. you told me..”continue”..i started rubbing your cock thru your pants..feeling you get a bit aroused..

rubbing up and down on your cock i whispered in your ear “that man wanted to take me out back and fuck me..
and baby, i am starting to get really hot right now..and could use some fucking cock..are you gonna give me some cock baby?”. i began to lick down the side of your i stroked your cock..
then another man approached me and asked me to dance..i got up and went with the guy to the dance floor.
I backed up against him and rubbed my ass up against his groin, feeling his prick getting stiff as i rubbed my ass against him nice and slow..

after the dance i came back and leaned into you and began stroking your cock again…your cock was nice and
stiff, just like i left it..stroking you nice and slow, i decided to unzip your jeans and slid my hand inside
and started to massage your balls with one hand and actually pulled your cock out and began to stroke it..
oblivious to anyone around. it didn’t matter, i was fucking horny and i was going to fuck you, one way or the other.

i told you how i rubbed my ass against that guys cock..and how fucking hard his prick i kept my ass
up against his cock and just rubbed up and down to the beat of the music..nice and slow..i told you to run
your fingers inside my panties and see how wet i was, u slid your fingers inside the pussy lips were u slid ur fingers between my lips and started rubbing my clit nice and slow. breathing heavy and
moaning softly in your ear, as i stroke your cock and massage your balls. stroking your cock harder n harder
as i told you how that man grabbed my tits and pulled my body against him, with my ass against his cock. he lifted the back of my dress and slid his hand down the back of my panties and ran his fingers down the
crack of my ass and slipped them inside my cunt..

just then, two men approached me and asked if they could dance with me..
i left your cock out of your jeans, as you slipped your fingers out of my pussy, i got up out of my chair and
went to the back of the dance floor with these two men.
they told me to get between them and they closed in
tight around me..the man behind me grabbed a hold of my tits as he pulled me back against his cock..and
started licking down the side of my neck..the one in front of me, pressed his cock against my pussy and i
could feel his huge cock, hard against me…

after the dance was over, they guided me to the back room, where there was a pool hadnt left our table, you were still sitting there, looking at me and the two men, as we were walking away..
about a half hr later, i came back to our table to find you sitting there, with your cock in your hand, under
the table, i removed your hand and guided that hand into my soaking wet cunt…
i grabbed your balls and began to massage them, squeezing them a bit as i stroked your cock. feeling how fucking hard you were i began to tell you how they took me to the back the one guy, Mark, picked me up and plopped my ass on the pool table. there was 2 other men back there.

one of the men, Larry, took his cock out and began stroking it infront of must have been 9 inches long and very fucking fat. Mark climbed up on the pool table with me and layed me down and lifted my
dress up and took off my soaked panties..Mark pulled his cock out and began to slide it between my wet
pussy lips..teasing me with his cock. the third man, Steve, got up on the pool table as well and i could feel one of his knees against the top of my head. i looked up to see a nice stiff prick staring right at my face. i opened my mouth and Steve slid his cock inside, as i began to suck him deep in my mouth, til his balls were against my face.

i spread my thighs open nice and wide grinding my pussy against Marks cock..
he finally stopped teasing my cunt and slammed his cock deep in me. slamming my pussy harder and harder…
i could feel Larry down by my ass. he told Mark to stop fucking me.
..i could feel Marks cock slipping out of my wet Larry slid his cock in my cunt..

Larry fucked me nice and slow, getting his cock all wet from my pussy juices…then took his cock out and began pushing the head of his wet prick in my ass. His cock slid in my ass nice and slow..finally he had his cock all the way in my ass, he then began pumping my ass harder and harder. i could feel mark slide his cock back into my I was sucking on steve’s cock harder and harder…taking it deeper and deeper into my mouth…

i had all three holes full of cock..i was in heavan..i sucked furiously on steves cock, begging him to cum
down my throat..i could feel steves cock swelling bigger and bigger as he thrust his cock deep down my throat..his balls against my face..slapping me hard as he fucked my mouth..Steve let out a load moan as he
shot his load down my throat..i kept swallowing until i drained every drop of cum out of his cock..

this set off Larry and Mark..they fucked my ass and cunt harder and harder as i was grinding my pussy
down onto their cocks..begging for their cum in my pussy and ass as I shuddered and moaned into an orgasm
..they fucked me harder and harder til i could feel their hot cum in both my holes.
i grabbed my panties and cleaned myself up a bit..and got myself back they put their spent cocks
back into their pants..

your cock was raging by this had your fingers in my soaking pussy..massaging my told me to suck your cock. i got under the table and took your cock in my mouth..sucking the head of it..harder and harder..listening to you tell me what a nasty slut and whore i was. and how i was going to swallow your fucking cum and get you off NOW!

sliding your cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, til ur balls were against my chin..keeping your cock
all the way in my mouth, as i sucked on you..i started stroking your balls and moaning as i could feel your
swelling cock about to explode. u fucked my mouth faster and harder..until you exploded down my throat..
i kept swallowing your cum and sucking on your cock until i drained every bit of cum out of your cock… Mmmmmmmm

My Erotic Stories…
Filed under: From Christie Cocks — Babe Christie Cocks @ 7:56 am

Okay, I am going to post a bit of each story every day or every other day. It will all be in the same post so you won’t have to go digging around my blog to find parts of it. Maybe this will keep more of you cumming back :)

Let me read you a bedtime story…
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 6:24 am

So, I wonder, how many of my readers worry about what their significant others’ think in regards to surfing porn. Do you hurry up and hide where you are so they don’t see that you are looking at porn?

Maybe you are single and don’t have that problem.

The reason I am asking is relevent though. As some of you know that I have talked to in the chatroom, I write erotic stories and I thought about putting up files of me reading them. Would you be able to listen to me reading you a bedtime story?

Comments anyone? ;)

July 9, 2005
If I had your cock and u had a feather up your ass we would both be tickled. ;)
Filed under: Babes, Just Fucking Around — Babe Christie Cocks @ 3:44 pm

I wonder if you could or even would want to be with me, what would you do to me if you had me right now? I can think of a few things I would like to do. Sex being top on the list!
With being so busy with projects and building and just trying to keep my life in order, I hardly have time for a boyfriend..but a boy-toy, I could definitly do with!

Sexual desires are running rampant with me. Hormones abound. I think if I had a man here with me I would probably do things to him that would make his head spin.

I wonder what I am going to be like when I get in my “prime” know how you always hear about women reaching their prime in their 30’s.. well I hate to think of how it’s going to be if I am still unattached at that age. My desires run wild as it is. Wanting to try so many things. I guess I got my whole life ahead of me to live out my fantasies.

I have had fantasies of being a dominatrix. Dressed up in all black pvc, thigh high boots with 8 inch heels. Whip in hand. I think that would be completely awesome.

I have always had fantasies of unconcentual sex too. Being taken in an alley somewhere..naughty naughty i know. Not to mention the fantasies about women that I have. I HAVE to be bisexual that is all there is to it. I have done it, but it’s definitly something I want to do again and would hope that my future partner would want to engage in a stimulating threesome. I can’t imagine any man that wouldn’t like that - as long as there was two women and not another man penetrating my every hole ;) I know how jealous men can I don’t think about that too much, not that I wouldn’t try it though.

I guess being single has its perks and its down-side as well. Ah well, I guess it’s time to go work on some of my projects. Talk to you all soon. I’ll be hanging out in my chatroom as well, while I work.

Christie 11

Licks n Nibbles,

July 8, 2005
New Chat room..
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 9:27 pm

Was nice talking to a few of you this evening! This was a totally new thing for me and I think my little chatroom looks pretty kewl. Feel free to come chat with me anytime u want. If I’m online I’ll have my chatroom up and runnin. Would be nice to get to know some of my visitors and maybe keep your cumming back for more goodies.
I guess its about time I post another pic..just want to keep your interests peaked a bit. ;)

Click to enlarge ;)

Join me in my chatroom this evening.
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 5:58 pm

I will be in my chatroom from 9pm est time til? this evening. Hope to see u there and chat! ;)

Join me and Naomi in her chatroom tonight 8:30pm! EST
Filed under: From Christie Cocks — Babe Christie Cocks @ 10:57 am

Hello there! I have joined forces with Uberbitch Naomi and we are going to be entertaining in the Chatroom on her site. You can get to us at 8:30pm EST by going to uberBitch

It’s totally free and it MIGHT turn into be a fun time ;) …if u catch my drift. Her chatroom is located on the top right of her site.

Edited to say - I am having trouble connecting to her site this evening. I’m in mine as well.

What did I think about last night while I masturbated?
Filed under: From Christie Cocks — Babe Christie Cocks @ 9:34 am

Last night I started thinking about having a man hovering over me as I sucked his cock slowly. Just imagining his long cock growing harder and harder in my mouth and moaning out with every thrust in my mouth. Thoughts of a guy fucking my mouth got me so wet. Then another girl walked in and she went down on me and started licking my pussy, my legs spread open wide. Imagining her tongue flicking my clit drove me wild. I got sooo wet.

Then i imagined that she was hovering over my face while he stood there and stroked his cock infront of us. Her body was slender..her pussy shaved nice n smooth and tasted like fucking honey.

He started rubbing my clit while i licked her pussy mmm then he got behind her and fucked her right in front of me and i wanted in on that so i got underneath them and watched his glistening wet cock sliding in and out of her pussy flicking my tongue on her clit and over his cock til he pulled out and shot his load all over my face.

That was an explosive orgasm lemme tell you. I just layed there and stretched out like a cat and I’m getting horny again just writing this! ;)

July 7, 2005
Hello there
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 12:01 pm

It’s been a rather lazy day for me today. For once I didn’t do a whole lot. I have had a nagging headache all day long. You know it’s been said that orgasms help to ease a headache. Well, I firmly believe that and I think that I am going to have to go and do a little something about that this evenin’…although, I did have to get out my trusty dildo this morning. I woke up so horny this morning, you wouldn’t believe it!
(must be all this adult webmistressing I have been doing lately! lol)

Nothing like an orgasm first thing in the morning to get you on your way, but for me, the motivation did not last long at all. Got up, showered, fixed a bagel for breakfast. Watched the news. Sad sad day for the UK. :(
I don’t know why people have to be so idiotic!

I think it’s about time for me to go lay down with Beau and put an ice-pack on my head. Snuggling up with Beau is like snuggling up with a giant teddy bear. I’m alright til he starts lappin my face. Never seen a dog drool so much :)

I’ll probably post something later on tonight. Have a great afternoon everyone!
Licks N Nibbles,

July 6, 2005
Christie Continues - Babe Blog - Christie Cocks Loves Babes With Hot Sexy Asses!
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 1:04 pm

Went ahead and done it. Variety is the spice of life I say. I know that not everyone wants to see ME, so why not give everyone a little bit of something that they might really enjoy each n every day? So, I’ll just post my pics on this blog and everyone else’s on my other blog which can be found at Christie Continues - Babe Blog Which will be strictly galleries. No juicy stuff ….besides naked babes of course ;) hehe

July 5, 2005
Don’t forget…
Filed under: Just Fucking Around — Babe Christie Cocks @ 8:14 pm

Comments always welcome ;) I’m usually online at nite and I’ll approve and respond as I get them. Have a great nite! Licks n Nibbles ~

Cock Sucking Gallery
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 7:17 pm

Added a new gallery, it’s not of me, but it’s of this really hot chick Guinevere. All galleries will be listed at the top right, so be sure to check there each week for new additions. ;)

Or you can click here
You will land at the exact same place :)

Here is Guinevere -


My Guide To Cock Sucking
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Okay, it’s not a long drawn out tutorial about sucking cock, but I wrote one and you can check it out by clicking here. It’s listed under “Pages” on the left - “Christie’s Guide To Cock Sucking For The Frigid”

I just covered the basics. There is way more to it than that, I think and it depends on the individual and the couple as a whole. It can be alot of fun, if both are open to change.



Oral Sex Anyone
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Apparently, I am one of the few women who really enjoys oral sex..but I would have to say, HAVE to say, that I’m not alone here, in regards to females.
I honestly do get turned on by oral sex. Not just recieving it either. I don’t know what it is about sucking a cock, but to be honest, it is one of my favorite things. I would be more than happy to offer advice on how to give good head, because I have been told I’m pretty damn good at it. lol So, if you have a girlfriend that needs some advice, be sure that she cums and checks out my blog.
I think that some women think to much in regards to sex. If a man felt the same way as some frigid women do, they would never get licked out (ie. well she pisses, bleck)
Firstly, I think the guy should pretty damn clean tho, nothing more appalling than a guy with a set of sweaty balls that expects me to lick them and fondle em. If you want me to lick n suck that thing, make damn sure its clean. LOL
One of my favorite positions for sucking a cock is being laid across the bed, my head hanging over the edge, mouth wide open and a guy strattling my face, my thighs spread open wide and his fingers working my clit n finger fucking me.
I can deep throat it and really get my nose nuzzled in his nuts. I don’t know maybe I’m strange, but I don’t see anything wrong or dirty about it.
When a man moans out in pleasure , it just drives me crazy. Having him play with my pussy & using a vibe really drives me wild. I’ll suck that sum -bitch so good he will be dying to have it explode down my throat.
If I didn’t like to suck cock, I would never have said I did. What would be the point in that?

July 4, 2005
Happy 4th Of July!
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Have a good one, where ever you may be t’day. I’ll probably post later on.
Christie ~

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