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August 9, 2005
Camping Trip
Filed under: My Erotic Stories — Babe Christie Cocks @ 6:47 pm

Its been rather chilly the last few days. Tonight is the night we are supposed to have rain showers. Just the thing we need on a camping trip right? Jotting down notes in my journal, I gaze over at you sleeping soundly in your snug lil sleeping bag. I watch you breathing softly..your lips opened ever just so slightly…

This woman is so fucking hot..but I don’t know how to tell her…what sort of thoughts I have..when I think of her. Ohh she would never go for the things I have running thru my mind..but, I believe I have ways that I can encourage her..really I do..My friend Jake is along with Tasha and I. He has been bothering me for sex, for some time now. I do my best to resist him, without fucking pissing him off.

I really don’t know him all that well. We only just met a few weeks ago…but he kept following me around. You know, I am not the type to really cause a scene or call the cops. God knows that’s all I need. Is to get the police involved..especially where I am concerned.

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The sun starts streaming thru our tent. The night seemed to have flown by. Restless sleep is not good for someone a little off kelter like myself. I have so much running thru my mind and my main focus right now..the only thing I can seem to even think about is getting into Tasha’s pants.

It’s like a fucking obsession. Just watching her slightly bent over gathering firewood makes my pussy juices start to flow. I don’t know how much longer I can control this anxiety.

The day was full of hiking and we decided to rest for the night about 5 hrs from where our base camp was. Totally exhausted from the climb, Tasha headed inside her own tent.

I guess maybe perhaps she just needed to be alone..or maybe I was getting to her as much as she was getting to me. Maybe she couldn’t stand sleeping next to me and not touching me. Maybe she just couldn’t stand my fucking company after being out here for four days without any civilization.

Don’t get me wrong. Tasha and I had been friends for over 8 years. We graduated high school together. At times it seems we have grown apart. Since I confessed to her that I was a lesbian, it’s as though it had really put an unnecessary stress on our friendship.

Tasha was a straight shooter from the get go and never left any confusion in anyones mind, that she couldn’t stand fucking dykes. Which really hurt me..although she said, of course “Oh..nothing personal Tatum”

Well, Jake and I sat at the campfire for a long time. Drinking and smoking some hash he brought along. I wasn’t feeling any pain. I can guarantee you that much. Jake would run his hand against me, just as a so called friendly gesture..and I didn’t flintch..which is normally what I do when he is around me. The man makes me very uneasy. Standing 6′4″..dark skinned, he must weigh 280 lbs. Muscular..deep black eyes. Most women would have probably told him to fuck off, if he would have followed them around, like he had done me. I guess I didn’t have the balls to do it. At this point, the way I am feeling right now, it wouldn’t take much to tell him to fuck off. You know..liquid courage and drugs do amazing things to boost ones self image as a bad ass.

Jake had been taunting me all evening long about how big his cock is. As if I fucking care. I don’t imagine him to be a very good lover in the least. I much would rather have a hold of Tasha’s sweet pussy anyways..and this bugs Jake, although, Jake and I don’t fuck..and I can’t particularly stand to be around him, that didn’t mean that I didn’t talk to him. I spilled the beans to him tonight about how I felt about Tasha after he said he wouldn’t mind fucking her. That made me cringe..the very thoughts of his fucking dick in HER pussy. Jealousy once again reared its ugly head. I held quiet about it though..for the most part..but gave him enough indication that I would do Tasha in a heartbeat.

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He even suggested a three way. Now, that pissed me off to NO end. there was no way i would share my sweet Tasha with this cocksucker. Jake got up and went over to throw some more wood on the fire. He came over to me and grabbed my hair and kissed me hard on the mouth. Shocking the fuck out of me… without even thinking I rose up and slapped him across the face so hard it stung my hand and left an imprint on his face. Jake grabbed my shoulders and pushed me backwards and knocked me off balance causing me to fall and he fell on top of me, pinning me down. Told me what a fucking bitch I was. He got up on his knees and began to pull his cock out of his pants when I kneed him in the balls, sending him reeling backwards. He looked at me as though I had just cut his dick off. He got up and staggered over to his tent. After about 30 seconds his kerosene lamp went out.

I was totally aware of what I was doing and felt pretty fucking undestructable about now. Things were going thru my head again. What Jake had just done though, that was insignificant to me. It wasn’t the first time I kneed a guy in the balls..wouldn’t be the last. I guess that might have had something to do with my not calling the cops on his ass as well, because I am a female, doesn’t mean I don’t have the means to protect myself. Believe me..I do.

I grabbed my bottle of Jack and decided to head back to my tent. I got in my backpack to retrieve my Journal, only to find it wasn’t there. I knew I packed that son of a bitch. I carry it with me all the time. It’s a part of my “therapy” I like to call it…not to mention my psychiatrist decided it would be a good idea to “release my a more constructive way” I decided to lay down and try to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep at all. I was wide awake. Tasha kept running thru my mind. Very naughty thoughts. I became aroused and started
to play with my pussy. When I slid my hand inside my panties, I was soaking wet. Just then I noticed Tasha’s flashlight come on. I sat up in a flash and peeked out my tent.

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She never came out..but that light stayed on. I sat there and watched for probably a good 10 minutes. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I got on my hands and knees and crawled out of my tent. Stood up and walked over to Tasha’s tent.

“Hey, are you alright?” I said to her as I stuck my head inside..

“Yeah, I guess so. I just have alot on my mind.”

I could see tear stains down her cheeks in the dim light. I went on inside her tent and sat down beside her.
“Okay, what is wrong? You know you can talk to me. Why do you want to block me out at times? It makes no sense to me at all. Something is bothering you and it always helps to talk about it”

Tasha began to tell me the story about her and her boyfriend Randy. The son of a bitch had been cheating on her. My beautiful Tasha. How could anyone do such a thing to someone as fragile and delicate as her I thought to myself. She went thru the whole story. Must have went on for 20 minutes about the things he had done to her. I didn’t mind hearing it at all. After all she had her head on my shoulder and I had my arm around her, draped over her shoulder. We shared some of the liquer she had in her tent.

I told her she needed something different. Something to set her on fire and bring her true emotions to life and not be stung by the likes of the asshole men she had met. She just looked at me..that look..
That look that made no bones about her dislike for dykes..that look that said..i thought you were my friend..but, you are only after one thing..the look that seemed to tear our friendship apart, since that day I confessed my sexuality to her.

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This set my insides on fire. I decided to be calm about it. After all, we are out in the middle of nowhere right now. What a long fucking trip this would end up being. Tasha’s coldness towards me at the moment wasn’t helping matters though. I looked at her and grabbed her hair ever so slightly, but enough to catch her attention and get a look from her I had never seen before..a look of fear..headed straight in my direction.
I stroked her smooth caramel skin..looked deep into her eyes and said in a low, somewhat threatening voice, “What gives you the right to look at me like that!!?? Are we or are we not friends? You have some fucking nerve. You think I am some sort of devil just because I want to lick your cunt. If you weren’t such a goddamn prissy bitch, maybe you would be deserving of someone like me! Instead you would rather have some cocksucker of a man fuck you over. I think maybe I had better teach you a lesson about how you should treat another woman. I believe a little respect is in order and you are going to give me some fucking respect!”

Tasha’s mouth dropped open in shock from the words that came out of my mouth. I grabbed her hair and pressed my mouth hard on hers. Forcing my tongue in her mouth. I tore open her top and began licking and biting my way down the side of her neck. Tasha didn’t say a word…fear had taken over her, I could smell it. She began breathing heavily..

Taking her bra in my left hand I pulled it downwards and with my other hand grabbed each tit
and pulled them up over top of her bra. Tasha started cursing at me and grabbed my hair and pulled it hard, pushing me away from her. Not wanting to wake up Jake from his drunken slumber, I grabbed Tasha and forced her down on her stomach, taking my knee and slamming it into her lower back.
I took some of the rope that was laying on the tent floor and tied her hands behind her back. Tasha was yelling at me and bucking at me..screaming from the pain in her back..
I then turned her over and shoved some of the material from her shirt inside her mouth.

“This aught to shut you up, you little bitch!” I seethed at her. I got about an inch away from her face..looking in her eyes as I started pulling on her nipples. Pulling on them harder and harder until they were tight and erect. I slid my t-shirt up over my head exposing my 36D’s to Tasha. I took one of my tits and rubbed my nipple against her cheek nice and slow. My nipples were so fucking hard right now..My pussy was soaked from the excitement of seeing Tasha’s beautiful tits…knowing what I am about to do to her. My sweet fucking Tasha.

I pulled Tasha’s jeans down over her hips, knees and feet. Sliding her panties off in the process. I spread Tasha’s legs open wide and put her feet up around my neck..exposing her sweet pussy lips and her tight little asshole. Tasha was trying to squirm away from me. She squeezed her ankles around my neck grabbing some of my hair in the process. This totally pissed me off.

“Now, my darling Tasha. You are going to see what its like to have a woman and you are going to know what it feels like to PLEASE a woman. You are mine. There is no use fighting it from this point on. If you do. I hate to say what might happen…”

I slid my fingers in between Tasha’s pussy lips. Spreading her lips open wide..I started to slide a finger inside her cunt. I noticed Tasha was starting to become a bit wet. I began fingering her nice little hole as I massaged her nipple with my other hand. I inserted two fingers inside her pussy. Tasha was growing more and more wet. I slid down between her thighs and began licking her clit and sucking on it nice and slow. Teasing her and tasting her sweet juices. Tasha began slowely writhing beneath my tongue. I took my other hand and started sliding a finger in her tight little ass as I fucked her cunt with my fingers. I could hear her moaning softly..I took the fabric out of her mouth.

“Tasha, you arent going to wake Jake up are you? Are you going to cooperate with me darling?” She just looked at me and nodded. I went back down on her pussy. I had her totally soaked right now. Licking and sucking her clit faster and faster. I took my hand and made a tight fist and started to slide it slowely in her wet pussy. Moaning loudly ..she begged me to stop. “Ohh it hurts” Tasha begged..”Please stop”..

I strattled Tasha’s face and lowered my soaking wet cunt down on her mouth and told her to lick me. Tasha slid her tongue slowely over my pussy..flicking and sucking on my clit I told her to slide her tongue in my wet hole as I started fucking her mouth nice and slow… feeling her hot tongue in my pussy.
I began fingering her hole with three fingers..hitting her spot until I made her climax all over my hand. I writhed down on her mouth as my pussy juices flowed all over her face as orgasms shot thru my body.

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Just then a light from outside began moving across our camping area. Jake reared his head thru the tent. Threw my journal inside, nearly hitting my hip. His cock was out and it was raging. He pushed me off of Tasha and shoved his cock in her mouth. He looked at me with looks that would have killed me if I dare breathe a word. He began fucking Tasha’s mouth..gagging her with his 10 inch cock. He told me to lay down beside her with my head down by her feet. He forced my legs open wide and started fucking my pussy with his huge hand. He got off of Tasha’s face as she gasped for breathe as his balls had been pressed against her nose.

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Tasha began backing away from him, but he grabbed her hair and forced her to lay back down. Jake spread her legs and slammed his huge cock in her, making her shriek in pain from his steel rod inside her.
“I told you I wanted to have a threesome.” he said as he grinned at me in a look that made me feel like the tables had gotten turned on me. He looked at Tasha and told her he was gonna show her what it was like to be fucked by a real man. Tasha was trying to get away from him, but it was no use.
He had her pinned to the ground as he thrust his huge cock in her cunt. Biting at her nipples and thrusting his dick in her deep and hard.

He took his cock out of Tasha and stroked it between her pussy lips and grabbed her ankles and put them around his neck and bent her knees open wide and shoved his
10 inch cock in her ass. She screamed in pain as he fucked her ass hard.
I couldn’t stand was driving me crazy seeing him fucking her. I had to have her again. I needed her mouth on my cunt as I went over to her and said “ will be okay” putting my finger to my lips, trying to calm her down a bit.
I strattled her face and slid my pussy down on her sweet mouth. She was still in agony over the pain Jake was inflicting on her ass. Her loud groaning got muffled as I pressed my pussy against her mouth and demanded that she lick my cunt. I grabbed her tits and began stroking her nipples as she fucked my hole with her tongue.
I started fucking her mouth nice and slow grinding down on her. I could feel her breathing on my ass. I told her to slide her finger in my ass and fuck my ass as she licked me. Tasha was fingering my ass and licking my pussy juices. Goddamn it felt so fucking good. Watching Jake fuck her ass, forcing his cock in her only added to the excitement.

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Jake took his cock out of her ass and started fucking her pussy again. Tasha finally began to calm down and enjoy his massive cock. She bagan writhing against Jakes cock moaning harder as he fucked her with his thick member. Feeling Jakes cock deep in her cunt. I had to get closer to her pussy. Watching that huge cock sliding in and out of her pussy was driving me mad. I told her to strattle my face while he fucked her. She got on her hands and knees and lowered herself over my mouth, while Jake slid his cock in her cunt. His cock was shining
from Tasha’s pussy juices. I licked and sucked her clit..moving down a bit further so I could be right underneath his cock. Watching it sliding in and out I began licking his cock and sucking on his balls. Tasting her sweet pussy juices on his cock. Tasha licked and sucked my pussy while he fucked her harder and harder. His balls slapping against my face.

He pulled his cock out of her pussy and told us to get on our knees while he stroked his huge cock. Tasha and I licked and sucked on his cock..Licking his balls he began fucking Tasha’s sweet face. I slipped my hand between Tasha’s thighs. Fingering her clit, feeling her soaking wet cunt. Jake began grabbing her hair.

He thrust into her mouth faster and faster. Exploding down Tasha’s throat. She swallowed every bit of cum he gave her.

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July 15, 2005
First time Bisexual Experience
Filed under: My Erotic Stories — Babe Christie Cocks @ 7:14 am

She had luxurious blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Tits perky and an ass many women
would be envious of. When she walks into a room Cheri was the center of attention.
Dressed in a black catsuit and stilleto heels she entered the Tavern with only one thing on her mind.
Looking hot as ever, she walked up to the bartender and asked for a drink.

Gathering up her change and her bottle of beer, she walked over to one of the
booths at a far corner of the room. She sat down and began looking around at all the people in the place.
It was packed for a Thursday night. She noticed a girl leaning against the wall, awaiting her turn to shoot pool.

This girl was hot. Jet black hair and piercing blue eyes. Well built with curves in
all the right places. The girl walked over to the pool table slowely, studying
the balls that we’re left to be shot. Leaning over nice and slow, she positioned her
cue stick and attempted a trick shot, which ended up going nowhere she wished it had.
The girl walked over to a table nearby and picked up an empty glass and headed to the bar.

Cheri studied her every move. Watching the sexy girl’s ass sway in her tight indigo blue-jeans.
Cheri lit up a cigarette in anticipation. She placed an add in the local paper’s dating guide.
“Searching for bicurious female to have a fling with.” was the subject line. Living in a small
sort of town, there wasn’t many replies, but there was a few that tempted her, but the one that
did the trick belonged to the hot steamy girl on her way to the bar.

As the dark haired girl placed her drink order for her and her friends, she turned to look
around and check out the customers, casting her eyes in Cheri’s direction, noticing the
beautiful blonde sitting all alone.

“That has to be Cheri” she thought to herself. She gathered her drinks and returned them
to her friends. She walked back up to the bar to collect her change from the bartender.
She began to walked towards Cheri. When she got to Cheri’s table she extended her hand
and introduced herself. “Hello, my name is Amanda. I answered your add?” the girl said.

“Well, hello. I was wondering if perhaps you might have chickened out.
I see you are with friends.” Cheri said to her.
“Oh, well that is just for safety precautions I guess. Actually moral support, because
I didn’t think anyone would show up. Well, it’s really nice to meet you and I must say your picture
did not do you justice. You are quite the hottie.” Amanda said, feeling her face become flush.

“So, what do we do now? Do we sit here and get to know each other a bit?” Cheri asked.
“Well, that sounds fine to me. Let me go tell my friends that I will catch up to them later on,
okay?” With that Amanda turned and headed towards her small group of friends.
Cheri noticed how they sort of pretended not to look in her direction. How embarrassed she felt.

Amanda came back over to Cheri’s table and sat down and the two began to chat like old
friends getting caught up on all the latest. The time just flew by that night as the bartender
shouted out last call, there was only about 6 people left in the bar.

The two women finished up their drinks and agreed to go to Cheri’s apartment and
continue their conversation. Cheri went to the bar and purchased a 6 pack and they headed out the door.
Amanda decided to leave her car at the bar as Cheri only lived about 2 blocks away.

The night air was cool and the moon was full so they just strolled thru the
midnight hour to Cheri’s. The two girls talked about past boyfriends and
how this was a new experience for them both.

The got to Cheri’s apartment and went inside and sat down on the sofa.
Cheri began to remove her shoes and grabbed a beer from the 6 pack and offered it to Amanda.
Amanda took the beer and lit up a cigarette as she looked around Cheri’s lovely apartment.
Cheri flipped on the television and turned out the lights. The two girls sat in the dimly lit room
and talked about their own personal desires. The conversation got quite hot and Cheri
could feel herself tingling between the thighs as Amanda talked about how she always
wanted to lick a girls pussy. Amanda leaned over to place her beer on the table and
slowely moved towards Cheri and began to lick down the side of her neck.

Amanda’s tongue sent chills down thru Cheri’s spine as she moaned softly to the feel of Amanda’s hands on her shirt. The girl started to lift Cheri’s top up over her head. Cheri sat there with her black lacey bra on and her 36DD tits were just aching to get out. Cheri reached behind her back and undone her bra, letting it fall to her lap as Amanda took one of her tits in her hands and began sucking on the nipple, getting it nice and hard.

Cheri began to undo Amanda’s jeans and slid her hand down inside her panties. She could feel hot and steamy wetness inside Amanda’s pussy lips. Amanda began to moan as she sucked on Cheri’s huge tits. Cheri slid two fingers between Amanda’s wet lips and slid them inside her cunt and slowely fingered fucked her pussy.

Amanda stood up and undone her jeans and pulled them down over her sexy ass and let them fall around her ankles. She turned around and began to slip down her panties bending over at the waste and slowely pushed them down to her ankles backing up one step so she was directly infront of Cheri, sitting on the sofa. Cheri slid her fingers inside Amanda’s cunt and leaned foreward and started licking her tight asshole. Amanda placed her hands on the coffee table infront of her and stood in that position as Cheri fingered her wet hole.
“Ohhh Cheri lick my clit baby.” she moaned out.

Cheri grabbed ahold of Amanda’s hips and fingered her pussy faster and faster. Amanda stood up right and went over and laid down on the couch beside Cheri, spreading her legs open wide as Cheri got up on her knees on the couch. Spreading her legs wider and wider Cheri buried her face in Amanda’s cunt. Sliding three fingers in her pussy she began to suck and lick on Amanda’s clit as Amanda grinded her pussy up onto Cheri’s face.
Moaning louder and louder as Cheri sent her into a rush of orgasms.

Amanda sat up and told Cheri to lay down on the sofa. Cheri stood up and removed her own jeans and panties and laid down on the couch. Amanda spread open Cheri’s legs nice and wide and began to explore her pussy with her tongue. Sliding her tongue inside Cheri’s cunt licking the juices. Cheri was soaking wet. She began massaging Cheri’s clit nice and slow as Cheri grabbed her own nipples and twisted and pulled on them.

Amanda reached into her purse and grabbed a vibrator and slid it inside Cheri’s pussy. Turning the steel shaft on high as Cheri moaned louder and louder. Fucking her pussy faster and harder..She took out the steel rod and slid it slowely inside Cheri’s tight ass. Positioning the steel vibrator in her ass, she began fingering Cheri again and sucking on her clit. Cheri was moaning louder and louder, pulling harder on her tits.

Bucking and thrashing and grinding her pussy into Amanda’s face. She screamed out as she cum so fucking hard. Her juices flowed from her cunt like a river and Amanda quickly got down and licked and lapped at the juices flowing out of her cunt. “Mmmmm baby, you taste so fucking sweet.”

Amanda looked at Cheri who was completely spent. Her legs spread still but limp as she slowely groped her own tits. She had a big smile on her face. “Oh my god Amanda that was fucking fantastic. I never had my pussy eaten like that before baby. Ohh fuck yesss..” she said as she whimpered in delight.

Getting dressed, Amanda told Cheri how she would like to get together again. Maybe meet at the bar and have some drinks, perhaps go to the movies. Maybe she would like to join her and her friends this weekend at the club and go dancing.

That all sounded fine to Cheri and she told Amanda that, but she didn’t know whether or not her husband would be home this weekend or not. “Well, whatever you decide. You can call me and let me know. If my husband answers, just ask for me.” With that Amanda walked out the door. Leaving Cheri in anticipation of their next get together.

July 11, 2005
The Date
Filed under: My Erotic Stories — Babe Christie Cocks @ 8:27 am

We made plans to go out Wednesday evening. You had made reservations at this quaint little italian
restaurant. I decided to, that day, go and make a purchase of a hot little number, something to get you
turned on beyond belief.

I chose a mid thigh length velvet dress. It was burgundy and had a sexy little slit up the back and a plunging
neck-line. Of course, I needed some sexy undies and a lacey new bra. I found a sexy pair of silk panties that
were black and had burgundy roses with hunter green leaves..I also came across a lacey bra..c thru, with burgundy
roses. it was the push up style, which would show off my perky 36C tits.

I got home and took a long hot bubble bath..slowely washing every inch of my body with the vanilla scented bath soaps. of course, i had to shave my kitty and make her nice and smooth, becuz i knew..tonight was going to be the night…you had never seen me quite THIS way before..and i was going to take u for the ride of your life ;)
Time was running out on me..and it was time to get dressed up for you. i slowely slipped on my sexy new panties and then i took out my best pair of black stockings and pulled them up over my long smooooth silky legs.

I then carefully positioned my tits in my new lacey bra..taking extra care to have a bit extra cleavage, to show
off in my new little dress.

Finally dressed and ready to go, I met you at the restaurant, we ate, had some drinks and decided to go dancing at the club down town. we get to the club and order our drinks. we sat and talked for the longest time. i begged and pleaded with you to dance with me, but you wouldn’t dance. So we sat there watching others out on the dance floor, when suddenly a man approached me and asked if i would like to dance. i looked at you and you nodded..

So off to the floor we went. the song was slow…and after we were done, the man asked me if he could buy me a drink. I looked back to our table and you were gone. assuming you went to the bathroom, I accepted, but told him i had to return to you..

When I got back to the table, you were sitting there, looking a bit perturbed..but i had a few TOO many drinks
at that point..and leaned over to you and started to run my hand up and down your thigh..very slowely as i
gazed into your eyes..i whispered in your ear..”do i do that to you?”..

You asked me what i was talking about..

I began to tell you how the man was holding me close that i could feel his cock getting hard against me.. you told me..”continue”..i started rubbing your cock thru your pants..feeling you get a bit aroused..

rubbing up and down on your cock i whispered in your ear “that man wanted to take me out back and fuck me..
and baby, i am starting to get really hot right now..and could use some fucking cock..are you gonna give me some cock baby?”. i began to lick down the side of your i stroked your cock..
then another man approached me and asked me to dance..i got up and went with the guy to the dance floor.
I backed up against him and rubbed my ass up against his groin, feeling his prick getting stiff as i rubbed my ass against him nice and slow..

after the dance i came back and leaned into you and began stroking your cock again…your cock was nice and
stiff, just like i left it..stroking you nice and slow, i decided to unzip your jeans and slid my hand inside
and started to massage your balls with one hand and actually pulled your cock out and began to stroke it..
oblivious to anyone around. it didn’t matter, i was fucking horny and i was going to fuck you, one way or the other.

i told you how i rubbed my ass against that guys cock..and how fucking hard his prick i kept my ass
up against his cock and just rubbed up and down to the beat of the music..nice and slow..i told you to run
your fingers inside my panties and see how wet i was, u slid your fingers inside the pussy lips were u slid ur fingers between my lips and started rubbing my clit nice and slow. breathing heavy and
moaning softly in your ear, as i stroke your cock and massage your balls. stroking your cock harder n harder
as i told you how that man grabbed my tits and pulled my body against him, with my ass against his cock. he lifted the back of my dress and slid his hand down the back of my panties and ran his fingers down the
crack of my ass and slipped them inside my cunt..

just then, two men approached me and asked if they could dance with me..
i left your cock out of your jeans, as you slipped your fingers out of my pussy, i got up out of my chair and
went to the back of the dance floor with these two men.
they told me to get between them and they closed in
tight around me..the man behind me grabbed a hold of my tits as he pulled me back against his cock..and
started licking down the side of my neck..the one in front of me, pressed his cock against my pussy and i
could feel his huge cock, hard against me…

after the dance was over, they guided me to the back room, where there was a pool hadnt left our table, you were still sitting there, looking at me and the two men, as we were walking away..
about a half hr later, i came back to our table to find you sitting there, with your cock in your hand, under
the table, i removed your hand and guided that hand into my soaking wet cunt…
i grabbed your balls and began to massage them, squeezing them a bit as i stroked your cock. feeling how fucking hard you were i began to tell you how they took me to the back the one guy, Mark, picked me up and plopped my ass on the pool table. there was 2 other men back there.

one of the men, Larry, took his cock out and began stroking it infront of must have been 9 inches long and very fucking fat. Mark climbed up on the pool table with me and layed me down and lifted my
dress up and took off my soaked panties..Mark pulled his cock out and began to slide it between my wet
pussy lips..teasing me with his cock. the third man, Steve, got up on the pool table as well and i could feel one of his knees against the top of my head. i looked up to see a nice stiff prick staring right at my face. i opened my mouth and Steve slid his cock inside, as i began to suck him deep in my mouth, til his balls were against my face.

i spread my thighs open nice and wide grinding my pussy against Marks cock..
he finally stopped teasing my cunt and slammed his cock deep in me. slamming my pussy harder and harder…
i could feel Larry down by my ass. he told Mark to stop fucking me.
..i could feel Marks cock slipping out of my wet Larry slid his cock in my cunt..

Larry fucked me nice and slow, getting his cock all wet from my pussy juices…then took his cock out and began pushing the head of his wet prick in my ass. His cock slid in my ass nice and slow..finally he had his cock all the way in my ass, he then began pumping my ass harder and harder. i could feel mark slide his cock back into my I was sucking on steve’s cock harder and harder…taking it deeper and deeper into my mouth…

i had all three holes full of cock..i was in heavan..i sucked furiously on steves cock, begging him to cum
down my throat..i could feel steves cock swelling bigger and bigger as he thrust his cock deep down my throat..his balls against my face..slapping me hard as he fucked my mouth..Steve let out a load moan as he
shot his load down my throat..i kept swallowing until i drained every drop of cum out of his cock..

this set off Larry and Mark..they fucked my ass and cunt harder and harder as i was grinding my pussy
down onto their cocks..begging for their cum in my pussy and ass as I shuddered and moaned into an orgasm
..they fucked me harder and harder til i could feel their hot cum in both my holes.
i grabbed my panties and cleaned myself up a bit..and got myself back they put their spent cocks
back into their pants..

your cock was raging by this had your fingers in my soaking pussy..massaging my told me to suck your cock. i got under the table and took your cock in my mouth..sucking the head of it..harder and harder..listening to you tell me what a nasty slut and whore i was. and how i was going to swallow your fucking cum and get you off NOW!

sliding your cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, til ur balls were against my chin..keeping your cock
all the way in my mouth, as i sucked on you..i started stroking your balls and moaning as i could feel your
swelling cock about to explode. u fucked my mouth faster and harder..until you exploded down my throat..
i kept swallowing your cum and sucking on your cock until i drained every bit of cum out of your cock… Mmmmmmmm

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