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October 28, 2005
Ooh two new smut blogs i found!
Filed under: Babes, Christie Loves Babes, Newest Hardcore To Date — Babe Christie Cocks @ 7:48 am

Just thought i would share them with ya’s!
Freshest teens on the net
Freshest teens on the net

The Hottest Blog Online

October 24, 2005
Adult Video Network
Filed under: From Christie Cocks, Babes, Just Fucking Around, Newest Hardcore To Date — Babe Christie Cocks @ 8:47 pm

If you have ever wanted to download movies using some P2P program like Morpheus, etc, why bother? You can get DVD quality adult movies at Adult Video Network.
Adult Video Network features the worlds largest adult video site on the net. Hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from to watch or download to your pc.
Hundreds of webcam girls to choose from, talk live with and enjoy. You can get all this for just a buck! I chose to promote this offer to you, getting the access for a buck. I get a smaller cut, but I feel so strongly that you will enjoy the trial for $1 that you would be convinced to sign up to full blown membership which is only $39.73 for a full months access.
Several different payment methods to choose from as well.

So what ya waiting for? Get the quality vid’s you want, try it out for only $1.00
No Pop Ups and NO Dialers!!
That’s the option I choose for my surfers, because I don’t want to cause you any more frustration than you probably are already going thru, sifting thru all the “so called” free porn. Is anything ever really free?
If you never signed up with a paysite before, you really dont know what you are missing.
Go ahead, click the banner below, dont be skeered. I promise, no pops and no dialers and you can try it for JUST $1!

Adult Video Network - Get full access with a $1.00 trial offer, from Christie Cocks!

October 8, 2005
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 12:01 pm

Be sure to check out Badgirlsblog if you’re lookin’ for some more hot pics!

More at Badgirlsblog.

Click here to Watch Uberbitch Naomi’s porn blooper!

New pornstar blog, check it out.
Filed under: From Christie Cocks, Babes, Just Fucking Around — Babe Christie Cocks @ 11:40 am

If you are into pornstars, then you aughta bookmark my newest addition to the Christie Empire ;) I just started it Oct7th, so only two entries so far. But you will find some other great links too, to check out.
Christie’s Pornstar Blog

All Nudes For The Hottest Babes!

October 5, 2005
Is this too difficult to read?
Filed under: From Christie Cocks, Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 9:36 pm

If you would leave a comment with your opinion, i would appreciate it. I couldnt handle the black colors anymore ;)

October 3, 2005
The Goose…
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 2:59 pm

OMG. if you need a laugh , then you need to check out The Goose

This fella must be a real a GOOD way! :) You will laugh trust me! Or your nuts! thats just all there is to it.. Go check it out. Get your cheek muscles workin’ .. I got my cheek workout today, but im not sayin which set ;)
by the way he has some real nice babes as well ;)

October 2, 2005 - has some yummy fuckin galleries!
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 7:21 pm

Now, if you want to see alot of galleries and not have to worry bout entering into pop up HELL (as with the rest of the sites listed on this page in the Friends’ and Awesome section - then you need to check out
Below is just a sampling and you can click on the thumbnails to get to the galleries.
Now, go Christie.. i would never do you wrong. Mwah! ;) galleries.
another gallery

OMG, i just love the site mascots and the lesbian section is no different! How cute!! Click to see it

Wanna see what makes Christie coo ? Click here, but be prepared! Only the best for MY surfers ;)

and one to grow on..

Raven Riley @ Free Nude Babes

October 1, 2005
Octobers first babe of the month!

Courtesy of Badgirlsblog

Click on the thumb below to view the whole gallery. This is one smokin’ babe!

Alexa Rae @

Be sure to check out this other great site too: AllNudes Toplist For a listing of the best babe sites out there!

September 30, 2005
This girl has one hot bod and is the latest at
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 2:50 pm

MPL Studio’s!

You can view her and all the other MPL Studio girls. Just hit that update link up at the top to see the numerous fucking updates! They list all the updates from the last couple of YEARS, not just a few months.

This girl is definitly some eye candy that I thought you might enjoy:

The newest MPL addition. Yummy!

I highly recommend this site. They have an enormous amount to offer their members, it is definitly worth a look even if you don’t plan on purchasing. Bookmark it for later perhaps, when you get tired of searching for REAL sites ;) So, if you are ready to be blown away by gorgeous women and awesome photography, then click HERE now please.

Be sure to check out: Sensual Arousal - The blog of a bi-curious girl!

Ooh, its the weekend! Yeah!
Filed under: Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 2:34 pm

So, its finally Friday. Everyones been working their fingers to the bone. Time to finally fucking relax, kick back and … masturbate! haha, well I promise I won’t spend the whole weekend fucking myself. I plan on updating all my blogs, masturbating, uploading new images, masturbating, writing smut stories, masturbating, getting drunk, fucking my female friend with my trusty brrrand spankin’ new strap on.

Yep, that’s right guys, Christie has a bit of a freaky streak. I’ve always wanted to do summin’ like that. Specially infront of another guy. Now that would be hot. It would be a “no cocks zone” for sure (you can check out a really nice NO COCKS ZONE site i found - this one really rocks - so if you like hardcore girl girl action- then this is the NO COCK ZONE for you! ;) - oh, the addy, yea, almost forgot, had myself a lil blonde moment.

September 29, 2005
Newest Hottie Renee - Penthouse Pet Nov 2005
Filed under: From Christie Cocks, Babes, Christie Loves Babes, Newest Hardcore To Date — Babe Christie Cocks @ 8:04 am

Cum meet hot lil teen minx Rene Diaz. She is one of the newest additions to Ron Harris This girl is smokin hot. She is also included in another shoot with the sexy blonde bombshell teen Carli - you can view Carli by clicking on her name..She is Penthouse Pet for Oct 2005 by the way ;)

Here is a pic of Sexy Rene and you can view all the hot teens by clicking her pic and go directly to the Updates page and check out models bio’s, etc.!
Gorgeous teen Rene Diaz from Ron Harris!

Oh, be sure to visit my exciting new teen blog over at The Puffy Nipple!

September 28, 2005
For you Greg

Had a great time in the chatroom with you angel ;)

Christie Cocks image for Greg. Mwah!

Filed under: From Christie Cocks, Babes — Babe Christie Cocks @ 4:20 pm

I think i got my layout just the way i want it. well nearly anyways. i hope that you all like it!! i am going to be lingering about in my chatroom tonight if you would like to chat with me.

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