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August 11, 2005
Odd Ice Fetish! ;)
Filed under: Oral Sex — Babe Christie Cocks @ 8:22 pm

Okay, this might sound really odd. LOL
I love to go and get a 12 pack of bottled water and slip it in the freezer. Let it get you know, froze! lol Well, that ain’t it, what I like is taking one out as hot as it is here lately, and just sucking on it for a few hours. Yea u know you like it when Christie talks bout suckin on it for a few hours ! hehe
Anywayyyyyyy - i found that after its been thawin for a while, i wind up with a long sorta fat piece of ice that when i turn up the bottle to get a drink, i have to take my tongue n slip it in the lil hole and move my ice around so i can get a drink, well for SOME FUCKING REASON, this makes me horny!! LOL

Ice water anyone??

PS- almost forgot to mention that it sometimes thaws a bit too much there near the end and i’ve actually almost choked on the damn ice “cicle” that came jetting outta the hole.. maybe i got toooo much suction power? hehe

July 5, 2005
My Guide To Cock Sucking
Filed under: Oral Sex — Babe Christie Cocks @ 6:07 pm

Okay, it’s not a long drawn out tutorial about sucking cock, but I wrote one and you can check it out by clicking here. It’s listed under “Pages” on the left - “Christie’s Guide To Cock Sucking For The Frigid”

I just covered the basics. There is way more to it than that, I think and it depends on the individual and the couple as a whole. It can be alot of fun, if both are open to change.



Oral Sex Anyone
Filed under: Babes, Oral Sex — Babe Christie Cocks @ 5:11 pm

Apparently, I am one of the few women who really enjoys oral sex..but I would have to say, HAVE to say, that I’m not alone here, in regards to females.
I honestly do get turned on by oral sex. Not just recieving it either. I don’t know what it is about sucking a cock, but to be honest, it is one of my favorite things. I would be more than happy to offer advice on how to give good head, because I have been told I’m pretty damn good at it. lol So, if you have a girlfriend that needs some advice, be sure that she cums and checks out my blog.
I think that some women think to much in regards to sex. If a man felt the same way as some frigid women do, they would never get licked out (ie. well she pisses, bleck)
Firstly, I think the guy should pretty damn clean tho, nothing more appalling than a guy with a set of sweaty balls that expects me to lick them and fondle em. If you want me to lick n suck that thing, make damn sure its clean. LOL
One of my favorite positions for sucking a cock is being laid across the bed, my head hanging over the edge, mouth wide open and a guy strattling my face, my thighs spread open wide and his fingers working my clit n finger fucking me.
I can deep throat it and really get my nose nuzzled in his nuts. I don’t know maybe I’m strange, but I don’t see anything wrong or dirty about it.
When a man moans out in pleasure , it just drives me crazy. Having him play with my pussy & using a vibe really drives me wild. I’ll suck that sum -bitch so good he will be dying to have it explode down my throat.
If I didn’t like to suck cock, I would never have said I did. What would be the point in that?

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