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July 1, 2005
Masturbation and Sex Questions
Filed under: Masturbation — Babe Christie Cocks @ 12:25 pm

So what else is there that us females don’t talk about that maybe you might be interested in knowing about? I responded to a comment on my previous post from a reader. I wouldn’t mind having some fun and raising some….”eyebrows” hehe.
I guess you can probably imagine that I am a pretty open minded girl. There is alot of things that interest me, I just never got to try out…yet. Fantasies are a very healthy thing I think. As long as it’s good for you and stimulates your mind as well as your senses.
Some of the dreams I have are so wicked I don’t even know if I should dabble into that sort of conversation. I sometimes wonder where I get these ideas from. Being from a small town really does a girl in lol

6 Responses to “Masturbation and Sex Questions”

  • Michael Says:

    I would have to say hearing about your actual sexual experiences could be pretty amazing too.

  • Peter Says:

    Dreams are awesome. You can get away with anything you want in them. If only you could find a way to manipulate them so they turn out how you want them to. But I am in agreement with the other dudes, telling us about your wicked dreams would be cool. I for one can hardly remember any of my dreams, i seem to forget most as soon as i wake up. But i guess i make up for it by remembering actually experiences in detail :)

  • Peter Says:

    oh and in answering the original question of the thread. this is nonsexual i guess but why do girls vehemently deny ever farting? a bunch of girls i talk to say they would die if they ever farted. and why do girls go to the bathroom so often and what exactly do they do there? it is actually a theory of mine that girls go there to fart because let’s face it, everybody farts.
    but getting back to sexual stuff, i guess a question of mine would be what girls think about during sex. and another question would be why do girls fake orgasms, and how to spot it if theyre faking. so many friends of mine have said they have faked orgasms numerous times with their partners. what i never got out of them is why they felt like they needed to do that and how to tell if theyre faking. this brings to memory that scene from when harry met sally if you ever saw that movie. i guess i was lucky with my ex in being able to tell that she actually orgasmed because her area would pulsate whenever she had an orgasm. maybe it helped that i was a trooper and if she was taking longer then normal i would still keep at it until she succumbed to that beautiful wide open mouth moan that i would love seeing. anywho enough about me, what does christy have to say about this?

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