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August 19, 2005
Dogs, Reality and Obedience….
Filed under: Babes, Just Fucking Around — Babe Christie Cocks @ 11:14 am

What a day. Weather is a little bit on the dreary side here for me. I have a rip roarin headache and I think it’s due to sinus’ .. or maybe lack of orgasmic pleasures hehe. Might have to do something bout that this evening, before heading out on the town.
Walked the dog this morning..and yes got that damn grass cut! lol I need a pool boy and a lawn mower man…without the scissor hands hehe.
Gave my dogs claws a clip. Usually let that up to the groomer, but we didnt make it there this month yet. Nevertheless, Beau got a nice bath n a dousing of flea stuff to keep him comfy and from itching. My GOD i got a PetSmart catalogue today, you wouldn’t believe the things they have in there for pets! I seen a crate i would love to get him, nearly $300 though! Goodness..
and GET THIS, they even have a contraption that you can hook up to your sliding glass door that is either usable by a remote control OR a collar that you can purchase..I think that spells trouble though. lol Can imagine my wound up mutt running back n forth just to make the sliding glass door open! lol

They got something called a scatmat too for your couch n stuff to keep them off. well lucky for me Beau has short hair and doesnt shed too bad. I thought about getting an Akita though and I hear they shed like MAD a couple times a year, dunno whether Beau would like a Belle or not lol I image the horny feller would though

I know this Belle could use a Beau. hmmmmmmm

“Who wants to marry Christie Cocks” - might be a good idea for yet another endless list of reality tv.
You know i used to think that stuff was pretty cool, but anymore its just gotten rediculous. Now i see Martha S. has one rivaling the almighty Trump. Ain’t that summin? I cant say i WONT watch it though, I used to LOVE watching her shows and i hear she can be a real bitch too. You go Martha. Hard to believe just outta the hooscow and already making a grand come back. I bet half the people dont even realize she is out, let alone that she was IN there, or they just forgot. I can think of a few other people though that probably SHOULD be in there, but weren’t but thats a whole other can o worms im not gettin into at the moment lol

Ttfn~ more naughty to cum ;)

One Response to “Dogs, Reality and Obedience….”

  • Greg Says:

    I’ll be your beau Christie! Although I’m quite sure you’ll be inundated with offers ;)

    Have a great evening!

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